Who is an Architect?

Hey guys

My name is Aman Mittal.

I am an architect and interior designer based in Rohini, Delhi.

I mostly work on builder projects and interior design projects.

If you are planning for a construction/ renovation of your Home or any other project, always hire a certified architect only.

Now you will ask me…Aman. that’s ok. We understand. But Who is an architect? What does he do?

Let me explain…

Architect undergoes rigorous study for 5 years after high school education (12th).

As a part of the curriculum, he/ she undergoes an internship which varies from 6-12 months, depending from college to college, university to university.

After completion of B.Arch (Bachelore in Architecture) degree, one has to gain practical site and professional office experience by working with private architectural firms or with government organizations.

After gaining  suitable experience, an architect may start his/ her own practice.

Whenever you are planning for any construction or renovation, only hire a genuine COA recognized architect. Throughout the process, you will come across many Baadshahs & Baazigars, but consult a genuine one.

Before starting any drawing work, an architect understands your needs, requirements, your family and their lifestyle.

Then he starts working on your home layout, while side by side designing structure and services.

He/ she also keeps in mind the directions, vaastu, scale, neighbourhood, climate of your city.

So if you are starting any project or planning for a construction/ renovation of your home in Rohini, always hire a COA recognized architect based in Rohini.

Thanks and kindly let me know, what you think about it.

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