Things to check if you are looking for builder floor in Rohini

I am working on many builder projects in Rohini or different sizes and scope. Through the years of my working on planning drawings and experience of working on sites and my observations, I have compiled important points which the buyers must focus on, when they are searching for their dream home or a new builder floor in Rohini.



The floor size and the no. of bedrooms is very important when you are looking for a new floor. Even the big floor can have less bedrooms and the smaller floor can have few compact bedrooms. Both the floor size, no. of bedrooms and their individual sizes must complement each other.



The budget is the deciding factor when you are looking for a new home or builder floor in Rohini. A good property will always cost more than its counterparts. So it’s very important to compare the value and compare the pros n cons of the so-called high priced property. Good floors are few in the market. You can always make up for money later but if the good floor goes from the hand, it won’t come back.


Right builder

Before zeroing in on the right project and the floor to buy on, ensure that you choose a reputed/well-known builder of Rohini, with a good reputation and track record of his projects in Rohini only.

Not all builders or construction firms are the same and you must check their reputation from different sources that can help to get more ideas. As a property buyer, you should consider getting references and evaluating previous projects. It is advisable to know how many years a builder is doing the business in the markets.

Location of the floor

A home or a new floor in any comfortable location of the sectors in rohini,  is the most important thing. Well comfortable location simply means that it should be at least close to a school, a hospital, a bus stop and a supermarket. The other thing to keep in mind is the future development of the place. This would ensure a good resale value of your property in case you think of selling it off later. 


Ensure the project is easily accessible from major parts of the city and is well connected by public and private transportation. Measure distances from major parts of the city. You can research the locality and check for current public transport options such as metro, bus, cab availability etc. Also, look out for future connectivity plans like a proposed metro line or an expressway around the locality.

Local Infrastructure around

The infrastructure in and around a residential property plays a vital role in deciding its current and future value. For instance, the roads connecting to the society and the in-roads within the society should be well-built and well maintained.


Proximity to social Infrastructure

Look out for options in the vicinity of DDA markets and Vegetable markets  while looking for a new property. Also, keep a close eye on the presence of grocery shops, hospitals, schools, colleges, malls, parks, theaters and entertainment options nearby.


Light & Cross Ventilation of the floor

Living on a higher floor has its advantages. You get better views of your locality, better light and ventilation, and there is lower impact of street-level disturbances compared to those on the ground and lower floors. Higher floors are also usually free from the menace of mosquitoes and rodents (mainly rats).


Ventilation of the Bathroom

Natural or Mechanical


Ventilation of the kitchen

Natural or Mechanical


Fridge space check

Check the dedicated space which has been allocated for the fridge. It’s better if you have the fridge beforehand or can select the fridge to keep. Then compare the space left according to the width of the fridge.


Circulation space after furniture

Most of the builder floors in Rohini are semi furnished. After purchase you move in with your own furniture. It’s advisable to check the circulation space you will get once the furniture has been placed. You can check the space by measuring the space between the walls, and the space and placement you need, as per your choice of furniture.


Parking space

Space for a car is crucial along with humans in today’s time. A car is also like a family member and needs its “personal” space. Tight roads and high density of plots make it difficult for available car space for each and every owner of the floor. Moreover some families own two or three cars. Its advisable

to check the parking space for your car in plot stilt or in the neighbourhood before making any purchase.


Washing Machine Space

Check the space for the washing machine in the front balcony or in the back utility area or any other space builder of Rohini has provided for the washing machine.



Ensure there is enough security for the neighbourhood of the floor, you are likely to make a purchase.


Mobile Network

The construction of high-rise apartments going up to as many as 40 floors has become a common practice in several metro cities. So, if you are opting for a higher floor, make sure that there is adequate network coverage in the flat.


Rental returns

In case you are buying an apartment for the purpose of investment, consider lower floors as they fetch better rental returns.


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